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Re-move PH

How it works

Our cleanser with micronized silver doesn’t just clean the skin it balances it too by reducing the excess oil and bacteria that lead to inflammation and breakouts.
– Reduces excess oil and bacteria
– Unblocks pores
– Balances sebum production
– Boosts radiance
– Anti-inflammatory action
Key ingredients
Micronized Silver has a natural anti-microbial action on the skin that destroys spot-causing bacteria and fungi while promoting cell renewal, helping the skin to heal.
Seboclear balances the skin and regulates oil production reducing breakouts and inflammation.
Salicylic Acid gently peels away dead skin cells unblocking pores and revealing fresh new skin underneath.
Frankincense boosts the skin’s immune function and reduces inflammation.


thumb Inga Ch

I had excellent reviews from my friends, so I took the chance to visit Taya. I'm glad I did. Good service of high quality. I am fully enjoyed 1 hour face massage and mask after that. I have never had such superior result on my skin after visiting any beauty therapist in London. Taya Amber is experienced and honest professional who gave me a lot of tips how I can care about my face. I would recommend her to anyone.

thumb Elena Nazukina
5 star review  

Thank you very much for a wonderful face masssage! I had the best experience ever! Looking forward to seeing you again! Xxx

thumb Королева Марго

Peaceful atmosphere and professional care...Amazing experience with Taya.. within one hour I had head massage, foot massage and facial at the same time😊 I managed to get fully relaxed and received a lot of useful information on how to look after my skin Thanks a lot Taya .. it was an absolute pleasure❤️

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