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Slim Precision Promotion

How it works

This limited edition bottle allows you to try Slim Precision for a cheaper price. Slim Precision is a fast acting, fat burning and anti-cellulite emulsion. It’s medicinal ingredients have been carefully chosen to correct and prevent the 2 main types of cellulite:
Adipose Cellulite: produced by the increase in size of the fatty cells (adipocytes)
Infiltrated Cellulite: caused by liquid retention.
Key Ingredients:
Astragalus Extract is high in flavonoids making it extremely effective at inhibiting the formation of new adipocytes (fat cells)
Ficus Carica Buds Extract stimulates the draining of fatty acids in the Adipocyte cells reducing size.
Ginko Biloba Phyto-Complex and Butchers Broom Extract work in perfect harmony to improve circulation and provide a draining effect.
Lemon & Goldenrod Extract that protect the walls of the blood vessels to prevent swelling whilst relieving the sensation of heaviness.
Main Benefits
The skin is smoothed with cellulite and orange peel skin reduced
The sensation of heaviness and swelling is reduced
Skin is hydrated
Maximise results


thumb Kristina Joemets

You will never regret !!! :)

thumb Tatiana Tiunicova

Absolutely amazing!!! I can’t believe how beautiful my skin is after treatments at TayaAmber MediSpa. Professional, caring, wonderful specialists- I am so glad I have found them. Many thanks to Taya and Ventsislava💖

thumb Inga Ch

I had excellent reviews from my friends, so I took the chance to visit Taya. I'm glad I did. Good service of high quality. I am fully enjoyed 1 hour face massage and mask after that. I have never had such superior result on my skin after visiting any beauty therapist in London. Taya Amber is experienced and honest professional who gave me a lot of tips how I can care about my face. I would recommend her to anyone.

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