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6th Element

Vita-Long Oil

How it works

Vita-Long Oil is an essential age-defying longevity veil offered by Meder Beauty Science Lab. It is one of the most high-tech anti-age solution containing as many as 18 active ingredients. 10 organic vegetable and seed oils (squalane, macadamia, meadowfoam, apricot kernel, borago, evening primrose, sunflower, rapeseed and carrot seed oil) restore the skin’s lipid complex almost exactly copying the sebum state of healthy 24_27 year old skin. The complex contains 5 potent anti-oxidants, tocopherol, rosemary extract, carrot extract, beta-carotene and vitamin C, creating an impenetrable shield against free radicals and negative impact of the environment. 3 epigenetic components have a beneficial impact on the expression of _anti-ageing genes. Coenzyme Q10 enhances the inflow of oxygen to the cells. GGA increases the cell life span by more than 30%. Ephemer, wakame cell extract, restores and maintains the structures of mitochondrial DNA, which is responsible for energy metabolism.


thumb Maria Stepanova
5 star review  

Taya has magical hands! That was the most relaxing and beneficial for my face massage ever.

thumb Kristina Joemets

You will never regret !!! :)

thumb Elena Latyntseva

Was very pleased with professional service. The clinic looks very clean and hygienic. Staff are very helpful and friendly. Looking forward to come for my next treatment.

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