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Enzy-Peel Exfoliating Mask

How it works

Enzy-Peel Exfoliating Mask is a balancing solution able to regulate the sebum production tightening wide pores and brightening the skin. Shea butter provides moisture, vitamins and nutrients that the skin needs while also stimulating collagen production. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant building up the skin’s natural protection against UV radiation and other damaging factors. Bacillus Ferment, a natural bacterial enzyme, eliminates dead cells smoothing out the skin’s surface and accelerating cell renewal. All-natural mineral polishing particles provide very gentle mechanical scrubbing and effectively polish the skin removing even stubborn impurities. Mineral particles are not known to cause any skin reaction or allergies, while having the added benefit of being eco-friendly and safe for the world ocean.


thumb Natalia Trudneva

Looking forward to coming back soon. Highly recommend. 👌

thumb Maria Stepanova
5 star review  

Taya has magical hands! That was the most relaxing and beneficial for my face massage ever.

thumb Королева Марго

Peaceful atmosphere and professional care...Amazing experience with Taya.. within one hour I had head massage, foot massage and facial at the same time😊 I managed to get fully relaxed and received a lot of useful information on how to look after my skin Thanks a lot Taya .. it was an absolute pleasure❤️

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