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At all times women pay attention to the health and beauty of the face and body. Taya Amber understands the real female beauty and what force it possesses. At the same time she realises that every woman/man is unique and, therefore, each program on face, eyes, feet, hands and all body care should be personalised. Taya Amber offers a wide range of skin treatments in the comfort of her clinic room located in Central London and she offers a ‘Mobile Services’ as well.


Cosmetologist is a specialist of wide profile, which solves various aesthetic problems of face and body skin. The competent expert pays attention not only to the appearance of your skin, but also to solving the internal problems of your body.
What will you learn at the consultation? The type and the features of your skin, how to properly care for it, what you should and should not do to your skin. During the consultation you will learn how to treat appearance related problems faster and more effectively without resorting to surgery. What results you can achieve at home and what you can achieve through professional procedures.

Skin Care

All the features of your skin should be taken into consideration when choosing the skin care products for your face. At this stage the help of the cosmetologist will be useful. If you use creams and lotions that "do not suit" your skin type, you can get the opposite effect: the care not only will not give the desired result, but also can worsen the appearance.

Non-surgical face Lift

Non-surgical facelift is a great solution for those who are afraid to go under the knife for the sake of beauty, or for those who have medical contraindications. The list of treatments is very extensive starting from facial massage and ending with injections. Only after consultation, the specialist will be able to develop an individual plan for you.

Advanced Treatment

Modern achievements in beauty industry allow to eliminate aesthetic defects of appearance almost painlessly and in short terms. In cosmetology the capabilities of lasers, micro-currents, ultrasonic and light waves are frequently used to improve the condition of facial skin and muscles and to make the results last longer. Sometimes their effect is supplemented by traditional cosmetic products – masks, serums, cocktails from bioactive substances.


Smooth even tone, healthy colour, radiance. – This is how beautiful skin looks after the treatment course which is developed individually, focusing not only on the wishes of patients, but also taking into account possible contraindications. The complex of facial rejuvenation procedures is represented by the most modern treatment methods, including: facial massage, cryotherapy, microdermabrasion, radio frequency lifting, miostimulation and other pharmacological, manual procedures such as Meder Beauty Science, Beauty Defect Repair, Nannic and many others.

Skin Peel

Modern beauty industry and home care practice offer the option of fighting clogged pores, inflammation, irregularities, pigment spots, wrinkles with the help of peeling. With regular exfoliation, the skin gets a well-groomed appearance and ages slower. There are several types of peeling: chemical peeling of the face, almond peeling, glycol peeling, herbal, acid peeling, etc. Which peeling is best for you, each specialist chooses individually during the consultation.

Eye Treatment

Anti-aging treatment usually begins with the skin around the eyes, as this is where the first age problems appear: the skin loses its freshness, fine wrinkles and under-eye puffiness appear. Around the eyes there are almost no sebaceous glands, no "soft lining" of subcutaneous fatty tissue and there are very few muscles supporting skin elasticity. Professional care for the eye area is prescribed after the consultation, most often it includes massage, beauty equipment assisted procedures and beauty injections.


Spa-procedures are able to give everyone relaxation, peace of mind, youth and beauty. We offer body and face care for both men and women. The service packages are made individually, the procedures are carried out in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere: calm music, subtle aromas and the overall tranquillity of the environment allow our customers to fully enjoy their stay in our clinic.


thumb Королева Марго

Peaceful atmosphere and professional care...Amazing experience with Taya.. within one hour I had head massage, foot massage and facial at the same time😊 I managed to get fully relaxed and received a lot of useful information on how to look after my skin Thanks a lot Taya .. it was an absolute pleasure❤️

thumb Daria Turner
5 star review  

Had the most fabulous experience thanks you Taya magical hands and patience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to have a genuine and honest advice and help.

thumb Maria Stepanova
5 star review  

Taya has magical hands! That was the most relaxing and beneficial for my face massage ever.

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