Under the Taya Amber umbrella, while we are still primarily an aesthetic MediSPA, we can now offer our clients the services of our beauty boutique. This boutique will be responsible for providing our clients with skincare and beauty products for the face and body.

Our MediSPA, on the other hand, is responsible for a full range of beauty therapy and wellness treatments. TA MediSPA has a wide range of treatments that rejuvenate and detoxify the skin, reduce ageing, help improve your skin complexion and overall health.

Located in the heart of London, which is one of the most famous beauty orientated areas in London, our Medispa takes pride in being easily accessible via tube, bus, bike or walking. Today we can confidently state that TA is not just the name of the company and its chief specialist, it has become a brand with its own products; the TA Signature line, which was designed and produced by the founder: Taya Amber.

At our clinic, we believe that every cosmetic treatment should make you look and feel good. Therefore, we aim to create a safe aesthetic heaven for men and women during their visit to the TA boutique and MediSPA. We use our extensive, expert knowledge to deliver personalised and effective treatments to each client.

We promote natural and approved aesthetic and beauty treatments, which are only offered after thorough diagnostics of your skin and overall health condition. This “must-have” consultation will ensure that the advised treatment will not harm your skin but benefit it.

Our TA Boutique also offers consultations regarding skincare and beauty products for yourself or as a luxury gift for friends, family or your significant other.

Launched in 2004 by Taya Amber, this company became incorporated in 2014. We have been recognised for exceptional and impressive services not just by the beauty industry and the consumer awards over the years but also by Harley Street specialists when our clinic was located there prior to 2020.

At the TA clinic, we use scientifically researched and award-winning products such as Meder Beauty, Germaine de Capuccini and Nannic.

Our mission

All for health and beauty. Health and beauty for all.


Our vision is to be a clinic for health and beauty by combining our knowledge and passion for the industry. We strive to enhance your natural beauty without surgical interference for as long as possible.

What services does TA MediSPA provide?

TA MediSPA is pleased to offer a full range of traditional treatments and apparat cosmetology.

What makes us different?

Innovation - we have a variety of award-winning non-surgical cosmetic treatments in London.
Cutting Edge Techniques – providing the latest and most advanced treatments available on the market.
Competence – our team is highly qualified and experienced and use products that have been personally handpicked by Taya Amber.
Award-winning – The beauty industry and BABTAC recognise us as qualified, registered, and insured practitioners.
Honesty – “we offer treatments that suit your skin”. Our TA MediSPA provides treatments that produce results both immediately and over time. Most importantly, they won’t damage your skin.
At the TA centre, we work with famous European brands such as MEDER Beauty Science, Beauty Defect Repair, Germaine de Capuccini, etc.

What to expect at the first complimentary consultation* to make sure the treatment will meet your personalised needs and concerns:
- Examine your skin condition
- Discuss your concerns and the preferred result
- Discuss the treatment options that will suit you and will meet your concerns and requirements
- The offered programme will suit your budget
- Will advise how to maintain the received result
The consultation at the TA centre takes 1-1.5 hours