Apparat cosmetology

Treatment price
From £15
Cryopen is an easy and quick solution to common skin conditions without the need for anaesthesia or injections. It permanently removes benign skin lesions in a single treatment session.
Area to be treated
Face, body
Treatment time
From 20 min
How often
Prescribed 1-2 treatments 7-10 days apart.
What to expect
The histamine on the treated area will create an itchy sensation for the next 10-60 minutes. Do not worry; this is perfectly normal.
Contra indication
Pregnancy, breastfeeding, impaired sensation or circulation, open wounds on treated area, skin cancer, hypersensitivity to cold, raynaud disease, prone to keloid scars, recent scar tissue.
Skin tags, warts, age spots, sunspots, liver spots, verruca.
Aftercare advice
While side effects are rare, there are some noticeable ones: temporary pigmentary changes in the treatment area; temporary loss of sensation, blister in the treatment area. Do not pick the treated area after treatment; use SPF 50 if needed.
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