Hydracure facial
Treatment price
Combining Hyaluronic Acid with thermal aqua from a volcanic spring, this facial will nourish, repair and protect skin suffering from dehydration.
Area to be treated
Treatment time
60 min
How often
Once a month.
What to expect
Regulates water loss, strengthen the skin's defence system, deeply hydrates the dermis, more hydrated skin after 1 treatment.
Contra indication
Viruses, conjunctivitis, styes, fungal infections, undiagnosed lumps or swelling, known sensitivity or allergy to products, eczema, psoriasis, fresh bruising, facial cancer, recently consumed alcohol, fever, severe acne.
Dehydrated skin, dull skin, fine winkles.
Aftercare advice
Do not undertake any other facial skincare treatments within 48 hours; use an SPF; avoid UV exposure / sunbeds for 7 days after treatment.
Can be combined with
Wellbeing Massage