Enzyme Peel
Treatment price
From £15
An enzyme peel is a face mask which exfoliates dead cells, with no down time. The perfect addition to a variety of treatments.
Area to be treated
Face, neck, décolleté, hands, back.
Treatment time
10 min
How often
Once a week
What to expect
Supple, glowing skin is immediately visible result. Minimizes the appearance of scars -smooths skin and stimulates the healing of blemishes.
Contra indication
Viruses, conjunctivitis, styes, fungal infections, undiagnosed lumps or swelling, known sensitivity or allergy to products, eczema, psoriasis, fresh bruising, facial cancer, recently consumed alcohol, fever, severe acne.
Sensitive skin, dull skin, fine lines.
Aftercare advice
Gentle cleansing, no makeup for next 4 hours, choose the right skin care products, hydrate regularly, drink plenty water.
Can be combined with
RF, IPL, DermaLux LED, Facial Mask, Massage, Coolift, Perk Lips, Perk Eyes, Carboxytherapy, Microcurrent, Deep Cleansing, Facial, Oxy Therapy.