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Deep Cleansing
Treatment price
From £60
Deep Cleansing is a classic type of facial, which includes: cleansing, extraction, facial massage, a facial mask, serum and moisturiser. The best possible skin care treatment will be tailored for you by a professional.
Area to be treated
Face, back.
Treatment time
60-90 min
How often
Every 4-6 weeks.
What to expect
Clear, radiant complexion, beautiful glow. Skin will feel more hydrated. Redness for next 4-6 hours.
Contra indication
Cuts, abrasions, broken skin, bruises or swelling, recent scar tissue (less than six months old), eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, skin tags, recent sunburn.
Lacks moisture, prone to breakouts, blackheads, milia, open pores.
Aftercare advice
Avoid wearing make-up for at least six hours after a treatment; follow skin routine as it advised by your specialist; remove all traces of make-up at the end of the day; keep a healthy diet; do not apply perfume or perfumed products to treated area within 48 hours of treatment; do not use any other exfoliating/peeling skincare products for 72 hours after; avoid sunbathing for up to 12 hours.
Can be combined with
Peel, HydraFacial, Facial Massage, Calming Mask, LED, High Frequency, Ultrasound, Microdermabrasion.