Treatment price
From £ 80
Facial peels aim to improve the appearance of your skin by stimulating the production of new collagen and promoting healthy skin cell growth. All our peels are superficial and are not permanent; they need to be repeated.
Area to be treated
Face, neck, décolleté, hands, back.
Treatment time
20 - 30 min
How often
Once a week/ every second week depending on the peel. 3-10 sessions required to achieve the desired results.
What to expect
Reduction of skin discolouration, radiant complexion, the skin will be noticeably smoother. For a short period of time, you may experience redness, dryness, mildly itching/ irritation, tightness.
Contra indication
Sunburn or irritated skin, open sores/ lesions, infectious disease, active herpes simplex, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, deficient immune system, permanent cosmetics/tattoo, use of Accutane®, Retin-A, recent cosmetic surgery, laser resurfacing/ IPL, deep or medium depth chemical peels, Retinol, severe rosacea or acne, hyper-pigmentation tendencies, pregnancy, breast-feeding.
Pigmentation, age spots, photoaging, fine superficial wrinkles, dilated pores, superficial scars, sagging skin, dull skin, acne.
Aftercare advice
Avoid wearing make-up for at least six hours after a treatment; follow skin routine as it advised by your specialist; drink a lot of water; avoid the sun; wear sunscreen (at minimum SPF 30) always; do not apply any other exfoliating/peeling skincare products; do not pick or peel skin that has not come away naturally; apply moisturisers with panthenol/ bepanten.
Can be combined with
Deep Cleansing, Illumifacial, Calming Mask, LED, Galvanic Facial, Oxy Therapy.