Apparat cosmetology

Treatment price
From £60
CooLift is a procedure that uses a specific gun, which jet sprays your facial tissues with a powerful CO2 flow at an exceedingly low temperature and high pressure. CooLifting also contains a high concentration of atomised anti-ageing and lifting ingredients that will benefit your skin.
Area to be treated
Face, neck, décolleté, hands.
Treatment time
20 min
How often
Once/Twice a week. A course of 6-8 is recommended.
What to expect
The treatment is painless and no downtime. The skin will feel smoother, healthier, and more hydrated. Very noisy for the first 3 minutes.
Contra indication
None, unless you are allergic to the ingredients.
Skin laxity, superficial wrinkles on the face, uneven skin texture, dull skin.
Aftercare advice
Follow skin routine as it advised by your specialist; drink a lot of water; always keep the skin moisturised.
Can be combined with
Facial Massage, LED, Ultrasound, Peel, Microcurrent, Radio Frequency.