Apparat cosmetology

Treatment price
From £30
The Galvanic Facial uses a medium-amperage direct current to stimulate skin cells. This, in turn, softens skin and helps drive serums/creams into the deeper layers of skin.
Area to be treated
Face, neck, décolleté.
Treatment time
20 min
How often
Every second week. A course of 6 is recommended.
What to expect
The treatment of sebaceous blockages and clear congestions that lead to acne. Restores brightness to dull skin and moisturises dehydrated skin. Tightens facial muscles, reduces swellings, and puffiness. Painless procedure.
Contra indication
Skin infection /irritation, vascular and/or hypertensive skin, sinusitis, epilepsy, asthma, very nervous clients, pacemakers, excessive fillings, metal pins or plates in face, pregnancy.
Sebaceous blockages, dehydrated skin, acne, dull skin.
Aftercare advice
Avoid direct sunlight; use a gentle/soothing cleanser with warm water, twice a day; follow skin routine as it advised by your specialist; avoid using AHAs and BHAs products.
Can be combined with
Deep Cleansing, Facial, Facial Massage, LED, Ultrasound, Peel.