Apparat cosmetology

Perk lip treatment
Treatment price
From £27.50
Patented technology to exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.
Area to be treated
Treatment time
15 min
How often
Weekly. A course of 4-6 treatments is recommended.
What to expect
Lips will be left feeling plumper and more nourished. Mild redness for up to 6 hours; allergy / skin sensitivity.
Contra indication
Pregnancy, shellfish, Vit C or gluten allergy.
Dry, flaky lips.
Aftercare advice
Do not rinse; leave on & let dry; apply hydrating lip balm SPF 30 after serum.
Can be combined with
Any Meder Facial, OXY Therapy, Coolift, Galvanic, Facial Mask, Biorevitalization, LED, peel, HydraFacial, SPA Facial.